Neelgai's software development team specializes in providing top-notch software development services to businesses of all sizes. Their team of experienced developers is skilled in various programming languages and frameworks, ensuring the delivering of high-quality, customized software solutions. From web applications to mobile apps, the company is committed to meeting client requirements and exceeding expectations.

Infrastructure Management

With a deep understanding of infrastructure management, the team at Neelgai offers a fully automated AWS platform following our best practices and thought processes for high-growth, cloud-native organizations. It’s provisioned in days instead of months, setting your organization up with a foundational cloud platform that you can own and manage as you see fit. We design easily maintainable platforms that are scalable, secure, and built-to-last.


Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is an approach to managing cloud infrastructure through code. It allows for the automation of the provisioning and management of infrastructure resources, which helps organizations achieve greater scalability, consistency, and efficiency. Our IaC tool of choice is HashiCorp Terraform, which is the leading tool in the industry.

We ensure your Terraform codebase adheres to industry-leading best practices, encompassing everything from comprehensive Terraform automation to stringent security measures. Experience the agility of robust, future-proof infrastructure development, which paves the way for your cloud platform’s long-term success.


Our team at Neelgai also has extensive experience in providing Kubernetes professional services to global organizations. As a platform, Kubernetes offers the flexibility of containerizing applications. Our Kubernetes consulting services assists enterprises make use of this flexible feature and accelerate their development process. Striving to help you enhance productivity and reduce operational costs, we provide the following services:

  • CI/CD Pipeline Implementation: One of the big pluses of Kubernetes is its ability to run continuous integration. It is because of this ability that it finds wide adoption. Our team of Kubernetes specialists assists you to effectively implement the CI/CD pipeline and expedite product development. Our expertises include but not limited to: Github Actions, Circle CI, Travis, ArgoCD, Helm.

  • Kubernetes Implementation: As part of our Kubernetes consulting solutions, we carry out an end-to-end review of your business processes. This includes accessing your technology stacks and workloads to build the right strategy for the adoption of Kubernetes. Our Kubernetes professionals will help you leapfrog all the adoption hurdles.

  • Application Containerization: As a flexible platform Kubernetes helps in easy application containerization. Our clients leverage our support to transform legacy applications into a micro-service-based architecture. We have provided container orchestration services to diverse industries.
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    Software Development

    At Neelgai, we're experts in software development, providing a variety of services like web and mobile app development, database management, and API development. Our focus is on creating scalable and efficient software products that can adapt to your business needs.

  • Web and Mobile App Development: We create applications for websites, smartphones, and tablets, ensuring your business stays visible in the digital world. Additionally, we handle SEO for quicker search results and address any security vulnerabilities associated with your web presence.

  • API Development: Facilitate seamless communication between different software systems with our API development services. Our team ensures the creation of robust and efficient interfaces, enhancing connectivity within your software ecosystem.

  • Database Development: Efficiently organize and manage your data with our database development expertise. We build secure and scalable databases, ensuring the seamless storage and retrieval of information to empower your business with data-driven insights.
  • Our software development services extend beyond core development to encompass a comprehensive suite of offerings, including: UX/UI Design, E-commerce Development, Quality Assurance and Testing, Content Management Systems (CMS) and many more.

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    Cyber Security

    Recognizing the importance of protecting sensitive date and systems, Neelgai offers robust cyber security services. Our team of certified professionals employ the latest tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities, implement security measures, and mitigate risks. From penetration testing to security audits, the company ensures the highest level of protection against cyber threats.

    Our expert team at Neelgai have expertizes with a wide range of tools and services. We help:

  • Detect vulnerabilities in the cloud infrastructure using Qualys
  • Perform static code analsis using Veracode
  • Check for potential weaker AWS configurations in AWS using AWS Security Hub, Guardduty, Inspector, Cloudwatch, Prisma Cloud
  • Verify that your infrastructure is secured from DDoS using AWS WAF, Shield, Cloudflare, Fastly
  • Protect your infrastructure from potential bitcoin mining attacks
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